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Sign This and Change the World

It’s been a busy fall season online for supplicants urging us to sign petitions, send emails and share posts, all in attempts to raise awareness of issues and perhaps, just maybe effect change. Just this last week I’ve been exhorted…

One Eyesore Cleaned Up

While the cart has left the barn on Munroe Street, courtesy of an earlier post from the Boss, I was always told better late than never so here goes. Took until last evening to get the photo to my computer,…

Town Council Disgraced

As our Town officials, elected and not, proceed with the plasticization of our formerly lovely little town, it makes us wonder what they’re thinking. Sometimes we wonder if they’re thinking at all, and what grand plan, a secret agenda if…

A failure of local democracy?

The great Local Democratic experiment appears to have failed. Click on the image to enlarge and one can read about the history and proposed end to a local democracy experiment – the establishment of mandated Town Hall Meetings.