June 27th 2018 Provincial Election



The end of week 1 and a fifteen minute jaunt around the Internet

Two All Candidates' Meetings (ACM) and one breakfast schmooze, missed by Lou Rinaldi, and do we have any indicators yet? The CBC PollTracker is here and changes daily as Eric Grenier updates it on a constant basis. So what do the pundits say this morning? Do not write off the ...
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The first sign of the campaign

The sign of a good and well run campaign is usually a plethora of signs. Being first with the signs was always the hallmark of a great campaign manager and the man that ran the past NDP campaigns was a master at it. Murray Weppler knew the best locations and ...
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Two days later

OK we did watch a bit of the debate, enough to see the trend that has been established by the pundits. Ford was wooden, Wynne was battered and defensive and Horwath was moderate and poised. The exit polls confirmed this with the results showing that Horwath was the winner, but ...
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Five weeks to go and is anybody really interested?

Boredom, indifference and "who cares?" These appear to be the attitudes of the electorate, and we will see the contrast between the last Federal Election and this year's Provincial one. The federal election was too long and the Provincial election will prove to be too short. The BurdReport thinks Kathleen ...
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