Five weeks to go and is anybody really interested?

Boredom, indifference and “who cares?” These appear to be the attitudes of the electorate, and we will see the contrast between the last Federal Election and this year’s Provincial one. The federal election was too long and the Provincial election will prove to be too short.

The BurdReport thinks Kathleen Wynne and her Libs were dead meat a year ago and would have been defeated easily by Patrick Brown, but Doug Ford kinda evens out the equation. We wish that the NDP and Andrea Horvath had emerged from their safe spot of anonymity months ago. Once when asked on a fundraising call “where is the policy?” the answer was, “we have it but not releasing it yet – the other folks might steal it!” A stupid answer.

So what do we think now? One the campaign is too short – nobody can get known in twenty-eight days. Two, Doug Ford is the unknown factor and the dread of what he might do in his “Common Sense Revolution 2.0” could pull voters back to the other side. Which other side depends on Andrea Horwath. In her third election campaign and she is still the groundhog – pops up every so often and then disappears. This is not a way to establish presence.

So the main question is – are there enough Wynne-Haters to form a majority government?

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