Five days in

Five days into the 2018 Cobourg Municipal election we have two candidates: Adam Bureau – running to be a Councillor, and Jaine Klassen Jeninga – who wants to a re-elected School Board Trustee.

This information comes from the Town of Cobourg’s website – congratulations for being so prompt let’s hope the updates are immediate. Check the page out here.

First Impressions:

Adam Bureau needs no introduction to Cobourgers. If you don’t know him look for a big guy who stands on the street, outside his store, a lot of the day. He is a successful business person who has operated a ‘buy and sell store’ for ten years. In Cobourg’s downtown ten years is a lifetime – congratulations Adam. Announcing his intentions on Monday at 11am in front of a reported crowd of thirty people, he told them why he wants to be on Council. It seems that any advertising and publicity is not really needed as his Patron Mr Bill Patchett and Bill’s fundraiser – Ed Zylnik, will do it all for him. Looks like a rebel establishment candidate to me. It will be neat to find out what he really thinks about the issues.

Jaine Klassen Jeninga is seeking her third term? and her ‘weebly’ page is here. She lives in Alnwick/Haldimand and is active in musical affairs in Port Hope at St John’s Church. 

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