Two days later

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OK we did watch a bit of the debate, enough to see the trend that has been established by the pundits. Ford was wooden, Wynne was battered and defensive and Horwath was moderate and poised.

The exit polls confirmed this with the results showing that Horwath was the winner, but will it count? Immediately the media pointed out that the format was not good – just because it was not traditional doesn’t make it bad!

Nope the story two days later was that the Fordies had paid actors to gin up the crowd. But it wasn’t the Fordies but the local candidate who had organised that effort. Again Ford spun dross into gold, “Why would we do that everywhere I go we get standing room only!”

So where are we now? Horvath up, Ford stays where he was and Wynne still in third! Hope this isn’t the way for the next twenty-nine days.

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