The end of week 1 and a fifteen minute jaunt around the Internet

Two All Candidates’ Meetings (ACM) and one breakfast schmooze, missed by Lou Rinaldi, and do we have any indicators yet? The CBC PollTracker is here and changes daily as Eric Grenier updates it on a constant basis. So what do the pundits say this morning? Do not write off the NDP that’s what. We know we have been through this before – watch an aggressive NDP jump forward only to stumble at the finish line. But is it too early to say that Andrea Horwath has momentum? Eric Grenier seems to think so read it here. The Toronto Star thinks there is an “Anybody but Ford” movement percolating. This article also gives a good synopsis and bios of the Leaders, an interesting read. The folks at the Election Prediction Project are unsure of the results – 45 Ridings too close to call. For the ‘wonks’ among us take a look at this page from StrategyCorp (poll page here) and its Poll Tracker Page, this sheet updates every five minutes and lists all the Polls taken in the Province.

Whizzing around the the interweb thingy we can keep up with the local campaign without even leaving the computer. In a facebook share we found this clip – the NDP candidate answering a question about health-care, but the unintended consequence was the attitude and behaviour of the incumbent – Lou Rinaldi. With the other candidates paying attention to the statement Lou appeared to listen for about twenty seconds then boredom took over. We entitled the clip It only took 20 seconds to induce Lou’s boredom.

Locally speaking we will have the three Major Party Campaign rooms open today. The Cons and Libs opened up in Cobourg earlier this week and the NDP’s opening is today at 1pm. Track on down to King St West and see the Candidate.

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