weekend jottings

Why does facebook waste its time:

Opened up FB to check on all the usual ‘stuff’ ad a video of Duggie came up. Labelled a political ad by facebook I clicked on ‘why this ad’ and saw this pic – snipped it for your education. Hmm facebook definitely has its algorithms wrong if they think I have been looking ad the PC’s stuff and even more wrong if they think I would want to see it.



A surge for the NDP:

Sunday poll results are in and the third party  is now the ‘nearly first’ party. Hmm will it last, or collapse as the fear mongers, dredging up the spectre of Bob Rae (the person that only old people remember) try to scare the voters into the arms of Rob Ford!



Walmart to dump self checkout tills  After the hoo-hah about Walmart using self-checkouts it seems that the great experiment is over – in the USA at least. Maybe Canada will follow suit. We certainly hope so. The “Guardian” newspaper published this great story about the problems with the tills and customers – Nation of shoplifters. 

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