The attacks begin

Bob Rae was an idiot say the Cons

Out of all the quotes you will see and hear about the problems of the 1990 NDP government you should read this snippet from Tim Armstrong.

This weekend will see the NDP fight the trolls. One such troll might have inserted a Nazi Meme into a candidate’s facebook page. The candidate denies ever putting it there so that’s that then?

The BR received this email from the Ford campaign minutes after the release of the latest poll on Thursday:

"publisher, we knew this would happen. 
The media, the pollsters, they don’t  want us to win. 
So they’re making up numbers to write stories about NDP momentum.
Forum released a poll saying the NDP is at 47%, with us at 33%.
Their own data shows this is a lie.
Buried on page 11 of their report it says the raw numbers are this:
PC: 40%
NDP: 36%
They “weighted” the NDP up 11 points.
The pollsters and the media are ganging up to try to keep us down.
They are scared of what happens when the people get a voice.
Because it doesn’t fit their narrative.
But publisher, don’t worry.
We’re going to win this election.
And we’ll get this province back on track.

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