One high point and a Verrry low point

The Waterfront saga rolls on. Council, rolled the dice on Monday evening, and lost. They had gambled that by cancelling the open meeting to be held at 1pm, where the merits of the Waterfront Report would be discussed by members of the public and wrapping it into a Committee of the Whole meeting they could control the process. Obviously they didn’t but set into motion a huge rubber stamp the next time it is debated. The meeting listened to twelve delegates and asked questions of the Consultants and the Direct of P&R. The result was a motion of deferral and a subsequent motion, from the Mayor “Restrict future delegations on the Waterfront Study to different presenters who had new information only that must be submitted for approval prior to delegation status approval” Hmm now the censors are coming into the act!


High Point of the meeting

The report was over 500 pages and most councillors agreed that they had not had sufficient time to understand all that it contained and also that the public would not have had enough time so a final vote on adopting the report was deferred to the Council meeting on July 3 instead of on June 11. It should be noted that those who complained about not getting the information had, or should have had, identical information if they read the documents from the Parks & Rec committee proceedings of May 16 (these documents had been posted on the internet at that time).


Low point

At the end of the meeting Mayor Brocanier put forward a motion that would “Restrict future delegations on the Waterfront Study to different presenters who had new information only that must be submitted for approval prior to delegation status approval”.  His idea is that he doesn’t want people presenting the same old information.  His motion passed. As said before the only comment to be applied to this motion is one of contempt for such a motion. Surely Council should be able to stand a few more people telling them how they feel! On a video review the notice of motion that the Mayor made was legal in a CoW but if he wants his name attached to it in a regular meeting he cannot – Roberts Rules state that the Chair of a meeting cannot make a motion. He must step out of the Chair to make a motion – let’s see if he does!

  2 comments for “One high point and a Verrry low point

  1. Deborah OConnor
    June 7, 2018 at 1:18 pm

    I see the Mayor’s motion from two perspectives. First, it’s a lousy thing to do because Councillors and the Mayor were elected to manage the Town’s affairs and keep an eye on what the public needs and wants.  It is the citizens who pay for this institution, after all. It belongs to US, not them. 

    On a personal level, I wouldn’t want to engage with the President and her flunkies in the Cobourg Taxpayers Association almost every time Council meets either. They have the identical message every time, and that is to “just say NO!”  How many times do they, and we, need to hear that?

    It did occur to me that we might want to start sending emails and phone calls to the Mayor to air our concerns.. If enough of us did that, over and over again, perhaps he would come to the conclusion it would be easier, and less time consuming, to let us have our question and answer session in person at Council meetings as so many of us would prefer.

    Might be worth a shot, are you in?


  2. Wally Keeler
    June 9, 2018 at 10:40 am

    I am not without discomfort about the ‘vetting’ of waterfront delegations. I understand that it is intended to eliminate redundancy, to prevent a filibuster, and not waste the time of taxpayers’ chosen representatives. These are not malevolent motives. I would oppose the motion on the grounds that free speech and democracy are messy, noisy, long-winded, tedious, passionate, etc. but it is a burden that we should endure, because such ‘vetting’ holds the danger of blocking a voice that might have a valuable point, a little crack of light.

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