Just bear with us for a few moments

A personal note from  the Publisher of the BurdReport:

You may think that I’m being an alarmist but the events of the last few days have been very worrying and disturbing. I refer to the activities of the United States and its  institutions. Specifically the way the enabling Congress has manipulated the rules of procedure to Mr Trump’s advantage and consolidate the power of the Presidency.

With the “manipulated” resignation of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy the President has shifted the power to make decisions to the Conservative side. This Court does not need any more shifting it has done enough damage with its recent decisions about Union Rights, and the Immigration ban.

As you know I have been in Europe for a few days, yesterday was our first full day in Berlin and the first exhibit we visited was the “Topography of Terror”. This exhibit is situated beside a piece of the Berlin Wall and is  a series of panels containing photographs, and quotes from the year 1933. This was the year that Hitler came to power and the panels tell, in a chronology, the way he did.

Realising that any mention of Hitler, on the Internet, invokes “Godwin’s Law” and automatically loses the argument but in this case the comparisons, in my opinion, between the events of 1933 and what is going on in the USA are so stark it has to be mentioned. I was so moved by the images and quotes that i had to share it. If the reader thinks this post is over the top so be it!

Read the text in the pics, think about the way politics is moving in the States and reflect. I do not expect the readers to agree with the BR, but at least the point of view must be considered.

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