An end to illegal campaign signs

This sign that was considered to be illegal under the existing election sign bylaw is no more, and it appears that the Town is now in the “monitoring mode”.

This news was not relayed to me, as the person who made the complaint, but was revealed to a candidate who quoted the post and asked what was going on. The Manager of Bylaws contacted the candidate and gave the reason for the delay in compliance: “

“This particular contravention was a complaint received and the Town’s dealt directly with the individual immediately. The reason the action to remove the election sign was late was due to its height and location. In order to remove the Election Sign the Town would have to occur costs. Thus we worked with the Candidate to have those costs incurred on their own cost and this resulted in a delay with the hiring of a contractor to remove the sign by the contractor.

The sign is fully removed and there has been compliance as of today. I appreciate you emailing myself with your concerns and not relying on the post of individuals that have third party information.”

It is strange that the MoB did not respond to my complaint by telling me that the complaint resolution was being delayed, but finally dealt with. And congratulating the candidate for contacting him directly but admonishing him for using a local story to confirm that the infraction had happened.

So despite the fact that this Town’s administration has prided itself on responsiveness and clarity the complainant is still unaware of the situation. But that is what happens when you have a bylaw enforcement system based on complaints – all one has to do is to complain and there is no obligation, other than common courtesy, to respond. I have noticed that the four signs (only allowed three) on a fence on University Ave have been replaced by one bigger sign so enforcement is around. Now if all the candidates would place their signs on the lawns behind the sidewalk rather than the boulevards all will be well!

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