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The latest comment on the last post produced this question: “Yes, there is a crisis. What do you suggest the answer to this crisis is? I look forward to hearing your solution.”

Okay here is the solution I would put, if the brains of the Council ever asked the public for opinions:

  • Prepare an inventory of all Town owned lands and their zoning.
  • Setup a dedicated cash flow from both the Northam Industrial Park and the Holdco loan and dividend streams.
  • Determine just how big a social housing complex that the Town could comfortably handle. It should be a demonstration project of at least ten units of mixed housing.
  • Establish a Housing Corporation dedicated to coordinating the building of social housing and the infrastructure needed to maintain it. The management of this corporation should be recruited from the Private and Non- Profit Sector, to convince the public that government is recruiting the best.
  • Use all funds available to supplement the Cobourg contribution, we are told that a big Federal Programme is being setup. Apply early and often. There are local experts available to help out in this regard.
  • Town lands should be donated to the project and all development charges waived.
  • The final site is determined by the lands we have but the site should not be a stand alone project, it must be sited in a mixed residential area. The last thing we need is a “ghetto” stuck in the middle of nowhere.

To emphasise this post just remember we have the land, we have the money and we have the local trades to build it, we have local expertise in fundraising and management of housing programmes!


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  1. October 1, 2018 at 12:58 pm

    Thank you very much for your valuable input and opinion. Some of the ideas were floated at the all candidates meeting, but as you said, ideas are ideas. It’s the political will to make the ideas happen. One of the candidates suggested that municipal solutions don’t work. I disagree; what’s needed is a ‘made in Cobourg’ solution. This paper describes how many municipalities in Ontario solved their own housing issues – even back in the 1920s.


  2. October 1, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    Mmmm…  any way the Town could guarantee mortgages for co-ops sponsored by unions, churches etc?  As with the old cMHC program for co-ops I mean. No or little initial outlay so all the other suggestions above could chug along in parallel.

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