Ben Burd

Thank you Jim Corkery Computers

I have been working on this site for a week now and inadvertently screwed it up, the site saviour fixed it minutes – thanks Jim. As a Company and as a person I cannot recommend JC but  in the highest of terms. Responsive, skilled, educated and a mighty fine person to boot.

Let’s try this again!

For nearly a year now I have been asked “Are you still writing?” and I answer “No but still thinking!” These next few months are a political junkie’s nirvana – two elections and a lot of issues to discuss.

So This page will be doing just that. The online edition will also try to be informative about the emergence of local news – there is a box of links to all of the local endeavours to supply the news; take a look at the links on the left and explore them. The menu bar on top leads to consolidated pages where the posts about the menu topic are organised – use them.

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All that work just to maintain the status quo!

Was it good for you? The first report from the Ad-Hoc committee on Council remuneration is out – read it here. Three recommendations have been made; increase the pay of the Mayor by approx $3K, raise the Councillors’ pay by $600 and do not compensate for the loss of the one-third tax-free allowance.

However after three meetings the esteemed elders, after all apart from the Clerk and CAO all of the people in the were pensioners, they resoundingly voted to keep the status quo and effectively only award a cost of living increase. No word about the workload which should have determined whether the job is full or part time. As a delegation I did appear and present the committee with my point of view about this very subject. The remarks found here did try to focus but obviously fell on deaf ears.

But as we go into the next Cobourg election we will again be faced with the prospect of electing candidates who are of the elder persuasion, after all they have the time to do the job. The opportunity to elect a diverse Council is gone, simply because the pay is a disincentive to being on Council. After all who in their right minds would work to get on Council and then lose money by being on Council? And don’t tell me it’s not the money, it is all about the money. One doesn’t go into Council to make money but on the other hand one shouldn’t lose money by being on Council!