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Weekend Jottings

Had an interesting email exchange this week with the guardians of the public agenda:

On Tuesday evening the Publisher of the BR emailed the Municipal Clerk a request to be placed on the agenda for the June11th Regular Council meeting. Using the somewhat unfriendly application form , unfriendly in that on order to attach the form to an email the form needed to be filled out, printed, scanned and then attached to the email. Perhaps a “mailto” button could be put on the form to eliminate this? The bylaw, on the Town’s website dated 2016, asked that an outline of the presentation be submitted by Friday of the week. He received a confirmation email on the next day timed at 9.13 am. At 11.18 of the same day another email came from the Municipal Clerk:

Thanks for your Delegation request. In regards to your request the Mayor is asking that all delegates follow the Procedural By-law 079-2018 and you should provide myself the Municipal Clerk with an outline and a hard copy of your delegation to be included on the agenda of what you plan on presenting at the June 11th Regular Council Meeting, to provide Council and the Public within information. Please submit a hard copy to myself by Friday at 1:00 P.M in order to be included as a delegation for Monday June 11th, 2018. 

Well, that started an investigation with the procedure, what the Publisher discovered was that the bylaw on the website was an old one – 079-2016 had been replaced by 079-2017, and 079-2018 didn’t exist; but the website had not been updated. This bylaw was not written very well and confusing at first glance. Needless to say the requirement for the supply of a hard copy of the remarks is not in the bylaw – just an outline required. This is because some Councillors, as well as the Mayor wanted to know what was going to be said before it was delivered from the podium. It was explained to me that “councillors want to be ready to ask questions”. An ironic suggestion considering that some delegations never get asked questions as it is the ultimate political insult that can be applied by a sitting Council to a Delegation they either don’t like or don’t want to see. On reflection, it seems that the Mayor is bound and bent on trying to control public access to Council. We’ll see if it succeeds – just how many people will be upset by these attempts to restrict. Oh by the way the Publisher did not submit hard copy of his presentation – just an outline as prescribed in the bylaw.

Well aren’t we glad that is over – the election that is!

We at the BR would like to point out that Ontario is not “FordNation”. This disgusting way of labelling a Province into a Tribe is a silly way of classifying people. However we do note that although Mr Ford did win the majority of seats with only 40% of the total vote one can honestly say that he does not enjoy majority support. Let’s hope that he resists the normal Conservative way of ruling – only for his supporters and neglecting the opinions of the others. This attitude is summed by the phrase – “We won you didn’t – Go Away”. Any bets on how long Mr Ford pulls the usual political trick – “We have examined the books the the Liberals left us and they are in bad shape. We cannot fulfill the promises!” Gee there goes our “Buck a Beer” promise – the only one (promise) that made sense to us. 

There will be an interesting delegation to Council on Monday

The Publisher of the BR – Ben Burd will be speaking as a delegation about something he feels strongly about, and wrote about in a post (read here) last week. The outline of his remarks are here, on the agenda, but tune in to see what he really thinks he will be speaking to those points.

A few more candidates for October:

Four people had picked up nomination forms by the end of last week, one of them has said he has filed but the official list doesn’t show this yet. Johnny Percolides – Bio from CobourgNews – “A local real estate broker who has called Cobourg home for 10 years. Past experience in owning and operating a business, revenue and expense accountability and the ability to communicate with the public in three languages are some of my assets.  I am against any expansion of the Marina first and foremost because the local residents have repeatedly said they don’t want it.  It’s time for Municipal government to listen to their constituents and remember that they are voted in to represent them.  I believe the harbour and waterfront will be enjoyed by the majority today and for the future as opposed to the minority if the Marina were to be expanded.  I will be asking for your support on Election day to be your voice in Council who will listen and vote for what the clear majority wants.” We don’t understand the delay in filing with the other three – one of whom is a high profile person who used to be on Council, but surely more news soon. Other people have officially filed but they want to be School Board trustees:

  • Roger Brideau for the School Board – French Public
  • David Bernier for the English Catholic Separate Board
  • Anthony Caruso for the English Public School Board

Weekend Jottings

The last week of the campaign – five days to go:

Will the NDP surge translate to seats? The consensus is NO. The Libs have conceded to the others but with a caveat – elect some of us and we will help to stop a majority government, they don’t answer the question of what will happen if they have to prop up Dug Ford. Watching this campaign has been like watching a re-run of the Trump campaign except this is an expected victory slipping away as opposed to a Trumpian surprise. Dug Ford winning will be no surprise but will still be greeted by the majority of voters as the dreaded apocolypse. Unfortunately we will discover that an effective opposition is powerless and we should look forward to four years of austerity, when we don’t need it and the extension of income equality.

A crowded afternoon:

Monday 4th June will see a crowded Council agenda. Originally it was planned to have a public meeting to receive/discuss the Waterfront Study /Master Plan. But the scheduled start of 1pm has been pushed back to the regular Council time of 4pm. The mind boggles as to the reasoning for this – thinking about it in the edit we have a theory on this – read  on. The BS answer given was to allow the public time to get off work and get to the meeting. Now the consultant’s presentation and public meeting will take up much of Council’s time. Look for a marathon session on Monday afternoon. Just means that any business on the agenda will get short shrift, after all the Council will want to get home on time. But back to that Waterfront meeting. The consultants will not be brief, after all they have a plethora of power-point slides to read back to the audience, and then the delegations will start. It now becomes apparent as to why the special meeting was wrapped into the Council meeting. A special meeting would have had an open invitation to the people who wanted to speak, a Council meeting means that people who want to say something have to register to speak – what a sneaky way to cut down the participation. Sorta makes a farce out of the Strat Plan #1 objective – transparency and open dialogue with the Citizenry!

King Donald the First:

Watching the events in the USA for the past couple of years have made our heads spin. With the powers of the Presidency being unassailable, especially by the clones and puppets in Congress, it is obvious to anybody watching that we don’t have a President in the White House but a Monarch with very little restraint from the Legislatures. With the latest move by the President’s lawyers issuing a leaked letter, which was from the Lawyers to the Mueller Investigation (and obviously leaked by the lawyers), in which claims that executive privilege exempts him from being questioned or answering to a subpoena, this effectively makes him untouchable and therefore the First Monarch of the United States of America. George Washington and the Rebels will be turning over in their graves. The New York Times analysis of the letter can be read here, read it – this letter will not be going away soon.

The attacks begin

Bob Rae was an idiot say the Cons

Out of all the quotes you will see and hear about the problems of the 1990 NDP government you should read this snippet from Tim Armstrong.

This weekend will see the NDP fight the trolls. One such troll might have inserted a Nazi Meme into a candidate’s facebook page. The candidate denies ever putting it there so that’s that then?

The BR received this email from the Ford campaign minutes after the release of the latest poll on Thursday:

"publisher, we knew this would happen. 
The media, the pollsters, they don’t  want us to win. 
So they’re making up numbers to write stories about NDP momentum.
Forum released a poll saying the NDP is at 47%, with us at 33%.
Their own data shows this is a lie.
Buried on page 11 of their report it says the raw numbers are this:
PC: 40%
NDP: 36%
They “weighted” the NDP up 11 points.
The pollsters and the media are ganging up to try to keep us down.
They are scared of what happens when the people get a voice.
Because it doesn’t fit their narrative.
But publisher, don’t worry.
We’re going to win this election.
And we’ll get this province back on track.

The end of week 1 and a fifteen minute jaunt around the Internet

Two All Candidates’ Meetings (ACM) and one breakfast schmooze, missed by Lou Rinaldi, and do we have any indicators yet? The CBC PollTracker is here and changes daily as Eric Grenier updates it on a constant basis. So what do the pundits say this morning? Do not write off the NDP that’s what. We know we have been through this before – watch an aggressive NDP jump forward only to stumble at the finish line. But is it too early to say that Andrea Horwath has momentum? Eric Grenier seems to think so read it here. The Toronto Star thinks there is an “Anybody but Ford” movement percolating. This article also gives a good synopsis and bios of the Leaders, an interesting read. The folks at the Election Prediction Project are unsure of the results – 45 Ridings too close to call. For the ‘wonks’ among us take a look at this page from StrategyCorp (poll page here) and its Poll Tracker Page, this sheet updates every five minutes and lists all the Polls taken in the Province.

Whizzing around the the interweb thingy we can keep up with the local campaign without even leaving the computer. In a facebook share we found this clip – the NDP candidate answering a question about health-care, but the unintended consequence was the attitude and behaviour of the incumbent – Lou Rinaldi. With the other candidates paying attention to the statement Lou appeared to listen for about twenty seconds then boredom took over. We entitled the clip It only took 20 seconds to induce Lou’s boredom.

Locally speaking we will have the three Major Party Campaign rooms open today. The Cons and Libs opened up in Cobourg earlier this week and the NDP’s opening is today at 1pm. Track on down to King St West and see the Candidate.

The first sign of the campaign

The sign of a good and well run campaign is usually a plethora of signs. Being first with the signs was always the hallmark of a great campaign manager and the man that ran the past NDP campaigns was a master at it. Murray Weppler knew the best locations and his house list was as long as his arm. Consequently the first day of his campaigns was a sea of orange.

Unfortunately local Councils in their wisdom to control ‘visual pollution’ and create a neutral tone for any campaign have restricted the timing and placing of signs in campaigns. No more large signs on visible public property and definitely no signs on boulevards and streets. But as we see in this pic there will always be ‘rogue’ signs. At a cost of at least $5.00 per sign we cannot imagine why such resources are wasted in this way.

Entering Cobourg from the 401 yesterday evening this sign was the first sign encountered. Pity it is illegal and we shall see how long it lasts in that spot!

Two days later

copyright Toronto Star

OK we did watch a bit of the debate, enough to see the trend that has been established by the pundits. Ford was wooden, Wynne was battered and defensive and Horwath was moderate and poised.

The exit polls confirmed this with the results showing that Horwath was the winner, but will it count? Immediately the media pointed out that the format was not good – just because it was not traditional doesn’t make it bad!

Nope the story two days later was that the Fordies had paid actors to gin up the crowd. But it wasn’t the Fordies but the local candidate who had organised that effort. Again Ford spun dross into gold, “Why would we do that everywhere I go we get standing room only!”

So where are we now? Horvath up, Ford stays where he was and Wynne still in third! Hope this isn’t the way for the next twenty-nine days.

Five weeks to go and is anybody really interested?

Boredom, indifference and “who cares?” These appear to be the attitudes of the electorate, and we will see the contrast between the last Federal Election and this year’s Provincial one. The federal election was too long and the Provincial election will prove to be too short.

The BurdReport thinks Kathleen Wynne and her Libs were dead meat a year ago and would have been defeated easily by Patrick Brown, but Doug Ford kinda evens out the equation. We wish that the NDP and Andrea Horvath had emerged from their safe spot of anonymity months ago. Once when asked on a fundraising call “where is the policy?” the answer was, “we have it but not releasing it yet – the other folks might steal it!” A stupid answer.

So what do we think now? One the campaign is too short – nobody can get known in twenty-eight days. Two, Doug Ford is the unknown factor and the dread of what he might do in his “Common Sense Revolution 2.0” could pull voters back to the other side. Which other side depends on Andrea Horwath. In her third election campaign and she is still the groundhog – pops up every so often and then disappears. This is not a way to establish presence.

So the main question is – are there enough Wynne-Haters to form a majority government?