September 21, 2021
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Welcome to one of my websites, this one will be personal, irreverent and sometimes profane. It will always be totally honest and if it offends some – tough shit!

If you don’t know who I am this is a small bio: I trained as an Armourer (gunsmith) in the British Army, served seven years in the UK, Germany, the Middle East and Far East. Immigrated to Canada and went into industry as a machinist, then a bit of Non-Profit management. I have been driving a big rig for the past ten years and mix that with retirement. I became active in Trade Unions and local politics many years ago. I have been a candidate in both Federal and Provincial elections. I have a healthy respect for the voting intentions of the people and understand the vagaries of election results.

As an avowed Democratic Socialist who believes in a mixed economy I am appalled by all of the available political parties and stick to my opinions, even if they are out of date.

BUT back to the “Thoughts of the Day”! These posts usually appear after something/someone has really got under my skin, so they are infrequent and sporadic.

I hope you enjoy or dislike these posts, they are written to make you think and maybe change your opinion because you have read a different point of view. You may even be tempted to sign up for an email notification of the latest post – it will save you having to wade through ‘bookmarks’ when ever you think of checking for one.

So welcome to the site! The latest posts can be accessed by clicking on the title in the sidebar.