Sunday morning

Sitting in front of a screen and the keyboard at the ready, TV on in the background I am about as aware of the conditions of the world as anybody who doesn’t work outside the GCHQ or the NSA. And what that awareness done for my thoughts and psyche? If anything, because the conversation appears to be abstract and theoretical, it is all about defunding the Police, objecting to Racism¬† and covering the Nation’s black side and there appears to be few tangibles that one can point to to fix the problems, the mind and psyche are numbed.

The commentator on CNN is now talking about Biden having a national lead in the polls of 7% – so why am I not happier? Because I know that the ‘Mango Mussolini’ will fight dirty and his enablers will do the same. Until I see the disillusioned Minority vote surge in voter registration, until I see the repuglican enablers turn on him and until I see Biden emerge from his basement and face Trump with fire I will see the future with trepidation and fear.

Unfortunately the most effective ads and opponents, in this campaign so far, are the Republicans against Trump. Look at the “Lincoln Project” for inspiration. George Conway and Rick Wilson are doing an excellent job of pinning Trump’s ears back. Just what is the Democrat’s game plan is a mystery up to now, they had better get on the job soon or else it will be not only me who is leaving the field of activism.

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