Why do voters vote against their own interests?

For years it has been thought that modern voters do not vote out of principle, but in self interest. The ‘mango mussolini’ is betting against that.

Donald Trump is an enigma, a puzzle to conventional political watchers. His moves defy reality – covid stand, no masks etc.. But his latest moves just make me think that he is either testing his base’s fealty to the cult leader or he knows he is going to lose and wants do what he wants to do, shit or bust!

Appealing to voters with the message that they will lose their healthcare if they vote for him and now destroying any chance of Covid relief by cancelling talks about a relief package is bewildering. How he thinks any of these moves will benefit him is mindboggling.

This approach, if successful, will be a case study in PoliSci lectures for many years in the future. As an observer of Politics I am watching to see which approach to voting works best – the fealty to the cult leader or voters’ self interest!

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