Am I the only person that finds Food Banks offensive?

Modern food bank lines do not look this in the 21st Century but the indignity is the same!

Speaking as a person who has never had to be in the position of a food bank user, I have no compunction in speaking out against them. Modern food banks became common place in the 80s, just as the middle class entered the first years of its decimation due to free trade policies.

In this area I can remember the establishment of the Cobourg food bank. A couple of “Lady Bountifuls” thought they had to get involved and formalised a food repository available to anybody who wasn’t above revealing personal information and status in exchange for food.

When the food bank received a consistent supply of funds from the local United Way and the County got involved by establishing a food distribution system the food bank was firmly entrenched in the social scene and psyche of the area.

Why is it easier to accept the idea of a food bank as opposed to building a Society that will not support its Citizens with a living wage? Why can’t we reveal our opposition to food banks without receiving an onslaught of public outrage when the alternatives are proffered?

What brings this thought of the day is the sight of our photogenic and peripatetic local MPP – David Piccini, swanning around the County encouraging locals in their areas, in the County, to bring a non-perishable donation in exchange for a pumpkin. I just wonder how many people make the distinction between David the Good Guy and David the MPP who refuses to make social change at Queen’s Park.

As well as finding the the whole system of food banks degrading and insulting what is even worse, in my mind is an MPP who trades photo ops for food gathering!

3 thoughts on “Am I the only person that finds Food Banks offensive?

  1. I feel exactly the same way.      Food Banks have become so entrenched, the provincial conservative government is getting accolades by organizing donations.. .SMH. Does food security not matter?

  2. I have been saying for years that there is no need for a government of any stripe to provide minimum food and lodging as long as some charity will do it. What are they saving our money for,why not use it to feed ,house and provide health care with it . Tired of seeing charity drives to buy equipment for hospitals that’s what taxes are supposed to be for. Corporate welfare is the big winner . Ed

  3. I certainly agree, in spite of being directed to get the Help Centre involved when the food bank was new, in the late spring of 1986. One of the “Lady Bountifuls” was Christine Stewart, later a Liberal MP, who became a big supporter of ours, helping our organization gain credibility in our early years. She gave her stamp of approval on funding for a project that enabled the Northumberland Coalition Against Poverty to travel out to Brighton and Campbellford to educate and empower the low income populations there.

    It was good, solid help that no local MP has given us before or since (as far as I know). If that is all negated by her political affiliation and designation as a “Lady Bountiful” then so be it, I’m good with that.

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