Don’t expect tRump to play by the rules

This has been and will be my fear of this election. For weeks the Mango Mussolini has been laying the groundwork for a monumental theft – the theft of the Century.

The USA has been blitzed by Repuglican lawyers hellbent on creating mayhem in the voting, collection of ballots and now the counting of the ballots. As Stalin used to say, “It’s not the voting, it’s the counting!”

The problem with this backdrop is that the Democrats have failed to develop a spine in this election. Still believing that the norms of civil society still exist they blithely sail on trying to be fair.

Nothing will be fair or normal unless Biden wins decisively on election night.

Expect an avalanche of law suits brought by Repuglicans, expect a statement from tRump claiming victory and urging Bill Barr and his DoJ to investigate election fraud and expect violence from the Brownshirts waiting in the wings to wreak havoc on Civil Society. Just my usual half-empty cynicism on this topic. I have usually been wrong in my political predictions over the years and hope that this one is wrong too, but these are my thoughts of the day!

One thought on “Don’t expect tRump to play by the rules

  1. CBC says Biden won 98 electoral college votes, Trump at 80. Hardly a landslide for Biden, at least so far. It’s going to be a long night.

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