Three days after the election!

It is now apparent that the most powerful man is not the President-elect but the most evil man, in my mind, in the world – Mitch McConnell.

As the leader, of what may be a tied Senate he has the power to confirm/deny everyone of the new President’s appointments; of any stripe or position and block legislation from the House of Reps.

Expect gridlock of the highest form.

As to the final result, it is obvious that the Mango Mussolini has few, if any, opportunities to take his case to the courts to overturn the results. But, if the recounts turn out to be close then expect him to throw a “Hail Mary” case to the Supreme Court where his lapdogs will support him.

Expect CHAOS if that happens. Fortunately some sane Repugs have started to drift away and it should be noted that his only legal ally so far is the Slug Guiliani – and we know his success rate!

Having been in a state of hyperventilation since Wednesday morning it will be a relief, after tonight, when we see the results in Pennsylvania. They should put the nails in tRump’s coffin and keep it shut.

And finally this whole situation just confirms to me that, as I predicted the Dems screwed up again. Mixed messaging, bad ground game in Florida and overall lack of finish combined with their silly (in Trumpland) sense of ‘fair play’. They refused to play hardball and suffered for it. Time for Pelosi and all of the other grandparents in the Dem system to hobble off to senility.

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