Finally tRump may have a winner

A very clever law suit has been filed in Pennsylvania that may very well be the ‘nuclear option’ that the Mango Mussolini can use to retain his presidency.

This law suit alleges that mail-in voting is subject to less security checks than walk-in voting. This produces a ‘dual-track’ voting system and is unconstitutional because it creates two classes of voters.

This is why the suit is clever and may succeed – it will be filed in Federal Court and can be fast tracked to the Supreme Court, and we all know that the SC is filled with a few ‘originalists’. These Judges try to interpret the Constitution as it was written not as Society has evolved around it.

It would be very easy to say the “Framers” (people who wrote the Constitution) did not have ‘mail-in’ voters in mind when they wrote the Constitution and therefore mail-in ballots should not count. This argument has been before the Court previously but when you have Justices who do not feel bound by precedent anything can happen.

The consequences of such action would throw the whole of the electoral system into chaos – some States have nothing but mail-in voting. But I do not rule out this Hail Mary!

Read more here From the Hill newspaper a Washington publication

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