A trip to No-Frills this morning was on the agenda, after all we are going to be locked down in three days.

Arriving at 7.45am meant that I was in the time slot allotted to ‘Seniors’ and boy did they turn out this morning. No lineup as the lady on the door was filling up the store before the capacity was needed to start a lineup. Very busy with a store full of Seniors meant one thing – slow progress.

Picking items that matched the provided, and mandatory, list meant that I could ‘manshop’ – a quick trip in and out! But being quick and efficient doesn’t mean much when only half the checkouts were open at this early hour. Getting into a thirty person lineup seems daunting but it went fast as a couple more opened up and the mass that was let into the store first checked out. Leaving the store I did notice that a lineup had formed and it was the longest I have seen since lineups were invented in March.

At this time I must give a huge kudos to the person that started the facebook group “No Frills Cobourg lineup and other Stores in our Area” a real and large source of information which is very informative and useful.

As we move into a Province wide shutdown – the Grey Zone is looming on Christmas Eve it will be interesting to see if the stockpiling and stampeding will get worse or is today just an aberration? Somehow I fear not. So folks be patient out there and be nice to the checkout people.


At 11 am I ventured to the LCBO on Elgin St. A small lineup outside, that took three minutes to clear. Meandering, to buy the Christmas cheer, brought me to the checkout – choice of four lines. Guess which line I chose; the bad one. Getting to be the next in line to be served the cashier decided to take a break. Moving over to the next one, there was a lull in the store, I checked out. Still it took longer to get out of the store than getting in.  But the relief was that the lineup outside had now doubled in size -just glad that I had arrived when I did. The parking lot at the Mall was a zoo, and there are another three days of this!

One thought on “The stampede starts

  1. Ben thank you again for posting to my group No Frills Line Up. And thank you for giving a shout out to the staff at No Frills. This store has been wonderful during this whole Covid mess and was very happy to see that you gave them a nod. I started this group last March just for the fun of it, and never expected it to be over 1500 members and growing. It’s very much appreciated that you posted a positive experience. More people like you should give thanks to essential workers.

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