October 16, 2021
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A new start

The other day I inadvertently deleted my site and had to set up the pages from scratch. I just wish Doug Ford had done the same this week – started afresh.

As all of us know, because he tells us, Doug Ford purports to follow the advise of his ‘Medical Experts’ but in actual fact he ignores them. The experts have been stating for weeks now that their answer to his problem, the meteoric rise in Covid cases, is twofold – vaccinate the hotspots and limit workplaces to absolutely essential, all others stay at home and receive paid sick leave. He refuses to do either one! This article describes his efforts to derail Public Health

This guy – Ford, is not making himself popular with anybody except perhaps the manufacturers and Amazon type warehouse operators, and continues to blame the Feds for his slow rollout of the vaccine programmes. Blaming the feds may work in the short term but as we know there a million vaccines stored in freezers waiting to be distributed into arms.

On Friday he announced new measures to extend the stay at home regs. and by Saturday night he had rescinded two of his major items due to public backlash and Police resistance. Read this APnews article about the reaction to the latest measures, it is politically devastating to the Provincial Government (I refuse to use the title ‘FordNation’). A recap of Ford’s bad decisions here – from the CBC

But what is to be done when the Government and its lackies (read MMPs) adopt measures that don’t work? Even some of the rightwing press are amazed at these moves read this by Anthony Furey, and Randall Denley, Chris Selley of the National Post, Bruce Arthur of the Toronto Star. I would suggest, as many have been doing for the past year, that we implement a total shutdown, pay sick days and allow workers to stay home to look after kids and keep themselves healthy. Only workplaces that service the food industry and essential services be allowed to stay open with restricted capacity.

But this opinion and others are flying in the face of obstinance and pig-headed stubbornness from the Premier. He wants to run the place so let him but as one commentator wrote today “these announcements could be the death rattle of the Government.”, as a Partisan I would hope so!

One thought on “A new start

  1. Today I watched the TV news where a girl of about 4 or 5 was asked what she thought of how decisions to open/close schools were bouncing around like rubber balls by Rob Ford. She spoke briefly for a sentence or two about missing her friends, then turned directly to the camera and said it was all just “a little too ridiculous”. Smart kid, I could tell by her words and tone of voice that she was quite exasperated.

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