October 16, 2021
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OK another week and the same old, same old!

First the good news Doreen and I went to the CCC on Saturday, we were processed very efficiently and quickly – in and out in twenty minutes. Few side effects with the Moderna vaccine. A little bit of tiredness and sore arms but that’s it.

But this week appears to be the same as last week – COVID cases are still criminally high and the Provincial Government is still in hiding. The NDP opposition is still sleeping and the comments on “Cobourg News” – John Draper’s blog, the informative and news slanted toward Council activities and all things related, are still bemoaning the high taxes and the incompetency of Town Staff. The other online news sites Northumberland related are still regurgitating Police press releases and live feeds from accident and first-responder activities.¬†And a member of Cobourg Council announced that she wants to be the next MPP. I just hope that when she wins the nomination that she does the ethically right move and resigns her Council seat to campaign full time.

So what is on the agenda for this week – not much! A trip to the grocery store, a walk around the block and then back to the TV for Prime, Netflix and other TV. I cut the cord a couple of years ago (wiki definition here) and it has been a long learning experience, because one problem leads to another, the latest is that of handling the various devices in the home system. I have Samsung devices – a TV and sound-bar. But getting them to speak to each other is a modern challenge. My situation was that although the sound-bar is supposed to automatically link the internal system of the TV (CEC) worked but only for about a month. So back to Google to figure it out. Finally I had to cry “uncle” and get professional help.

It arrived, a big shoutout to Aaron Burchat of “Showtime TV and Stereo” ( he sold me the sound-bar) and he promptly told me what I had found out on Google – the most efficient fix was to connect an optical cable link. I had been waiting for help to lift the TV off the wall and connect. When I told Aaron this he laughed and said “Why?”. “Because the connection is on the back of the TV!” Wrong; he promptly showed me the right place to plug the cable in – it was on the box that handled all the input cables, sitting on a shelf below the TV and in plain sight!

So that was last week’s problem, what will be this week’s?

I am pretty sure it will be the continuing ineptitude of the Provincial Government. I have never been a fan of the Conservative’s they have really screwed us working people every time they gain power. So when the nasty party elected Doug Ford as leader I feared the worst, and have not been proven wrong. Schools screwed, Workers screwed, Disabled people screwed, the Environment screwed. Not one positive piece of legislation passed yet. What is worse is the way they have been screwing us all by passing dictatorial, retrogressive legislation.

We cannot sue the province for allowing the Long Term Care industry to kill residents, we cannot sue the Government for allowing their developer friends to build in environmentally sensitive areas. And the Province is peppered with Ministerial Zoning Orders (MZOs) desecrating Planning Principles and Provincial Policy Statements.

So where is the opposition to these actions? In the absence of media response by the opposition parties it appears that Facebook is a main vehicle. But as we know that is suspect. But an amazing thing happened last week – the mainstream media (MSM); all of the national newspapers, produced similar editorials excoriating Doug Ford. The unfortunate thing is that although an election is only a year away FordNation has not yet reached the tipping point of rejection. In politics it is a fact that any government has a natural life and at sometime the electorate will eagerly await the demise of an unpopular regime. Kathleen Wynne was dead meat a good year before the election date. FordNation hasn’t reached that point yet but I hope it will.

So while we wait for the tipping point we have to hope that the opposition parties can make an impact. Obviously the leaderless Liberals are doing well only a couple of points behind the Cons. Imagine how many points they could have with a leader that connected with the voters. The NDP have had the same leader for many years and she has had no impact with the voters.

Why? Probably because in this age of ‘personality politics’ MS Horwath doesn’t cut it. Also probably because of money the NDP has failed to advertise. The MSM will not give coverage, the classic example was demonstrated this week when the CBC, in the face of Rosemary Barton (Rosemary Barton Live – a political talk show) started an intro into a segment with the statement, “we have asked Doug Ford to come on the show five times but couldn’t get him so we will speak to Andrea Horwath!” Why wouldn’t the CBC talk to Andrea Horwath they talk to Rachel Notley all the time!

So if I was an advisor to the NDP I would “get the money and blow your own horns!” They have been pushing all the right buttons about COVID relief measures so tell everybody what you would do and slam FordNation all the time. If you don’t have the money get it – Fundraise!!!!!!

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