October 16, 2021
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Another good idea gone wrong!

The Provincial Government led by the disappearing man – Doug Ford, announced last week that people over 70 could get their second shot of vaccine. But in order to do so had to jump through the usual hoops – go on the website and book an appointment at the local centre.

So waiting patiently  at my computer on Monday morning at 8am; I logged on and filled out the boxes, and was on the wait page at 8:02.

Not so fast, there were 69,855 people ahead of me, howcum? Anyway there was a one hour wait.

At the end of the hour wait the webpage told me that the only available Centre was in Thorncliffe Park – Toronto, 95 kms away. The phone number listed on the webpage was not accepting calls so that option was out of the question. later that morning a friend rang to see if we had managed to book. When I related the experience she told me that she used a phone booking system and gave me the 1-800 number she used – see update below.

However this experience raises a few questions:

  1. How did 69,855 people log in before 8am?
  2. Why is the local centre unavailable?
  3. Why is the system not screening by postal codes so that local centres are available for locals?
  4. Why are ‘out of towners’ being allowed to book other centres to the detriment of locals who may not be able to travel?

The problem of locals not getting local appointments was identified as a problem in the first phase. This resulted in people from Peterborough being sent to Cobourg and Cobourgers being sent to Peterborough – a total cockup and fiasco. This should have been fixed this time!

At this moment if any Politician starts to brag about this rollout – tell them to shut up and own the fiasco.


Update: After spending 59 minutes on hold I was told the same thing as the website – go to Thorncliffe Park. Well that’s two hours of life that I won’t get back!

4 thoughts on “Another good idea gone wrong!

  1. I have to ask; what’s the panic? The numbers for Northumberland suggest little reason to chase vaccination clinics.From today’s Star: “Northumberland and the surrounding areas are continuing to record low COVID-19 numbers.In an online update by the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit Tuesday, June 8, a total of three new cases were reported across the region, with two in Kawartha and one in Northumberland”.

    1. That may be true Deb but the cockups were known in phase 1, why do people from Cobourg have to travel and outsiders are coming to Cobourg. We are asked for postal codes – why? If they are not using this as a filter why ask!

  2. We live in Prince Edward County. People have been coming in from Ottawa to get shots. The local health unit has organized things quite well. The whole process takes ten minutes. I can only conclude that other places and people have not been so lucky.

    1. The local health units are doing a fantastic job – in and out in no time. This booking system is a Provincial item and as such Doug Ford has to wear the faults and this allocation of appointments is a massive failure.

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