October 16, 2021
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The blogosphere has exploded!

Other bloggers have gone wild at the latest caper by ‘the missing Premier’ – Doug Ford. Look at this he explains the situation much better than I – Magpie Brule.

Basically The Premier has invoked the “Notwithstanding Clause” to overrule a Judge’s decision on a Bill that he passed that would rejig election rules in his favour.

Quoting Magpie; “Earlier in the year the Ford team passed Bill 254, the so-called “Protecting Ontario Elections Act”. As you might expect from such a bill, it was a partisan attempt to tilt the playing field in the Conservatives favour for the 2022 provincial election. Nora Loreto of Passage wrote a good piece on this at the time, pointing out the problems with this bill that went far beyond the usual bill that might regulate political financing. This bill went so far as to do the following:

  • Changed Ontario’s pre-election period for third-party financing rules from six months to 12 months, while barely raising the amount those groups are allowed to spend.
  • Registered third parties will no longer be able to use the same vendors as other registered third parties “that share a common advocacy, cause or goal.”
  • The Bill made it illegal for third parties that have a “common advocacy, cause or goal” to “[share] information” with each other, with no definition as to what “information” or “vendor” actually will mean.

These are actions that took direct aim at unions and other third-party groups with one specific goal; make it harder for these groups to legally participate and oppose the Ford Government. These groups have effectively opposed the Conservatives for years and this is a blatant attempt to kneecap those who might oppose them. They are not only trying to quiet them, but trying to dictate who they can and can’t do business with, which is quite the twist for the “Open for Business” party. That’s one of the reasons why just yesterday Ontario Justice Ed Morgan struck it down, ruling that several sections of the bill infringed on rights set out in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Again, another Ford law struck down as unconstitutional by the courts. But this time instead of adjusting his political strategy or respecting the decisions of the court, Ford decided to go in an historically dangerous direction that no Premier in Ontario has ever gone before:”

And if you think that our local member – the media-savvy photo-hog David Piccini MPP has missed this he posted about it on FB just an hour ago.

The only good thing about this is that Doug has finally put the boots to the obnoxious “OntaroProud” bunch by restricting their third-party advertising. But the real reason for this is that the faceless opposition parties are now in the majority in the polls. In other words Doug and his nasty party are now losers!

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