October 16, 2021
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Welcome to the new look

Well this is what Covid shutdown does to you – leads one into all kinds of diversions. In my case after rejigging my home network to accommodate my cord-cutting ambitions I moved onto a new website design. I have dabbled in websites from the beginning, never really understanding the mechanics but can get around with a bit of help from the internet. My early websites were designed in HTML and the later ones in WordPress. However WP is complicated when you want to change things around and finding the right design as a base takes time. Most ‘free’ templates are either inadequate or need to be upgraded for a price. So from time to time I buy a template.

Such was the case yesterday and the site you are looking at is the result of many emails with the vendor/designer and myself. The big problem is that very few sellers include documentation with the final product and the result is a lot of guessing or just confusion. Firstly one never knows where the designer lives or works, usually it is in India, in my case the home country was Greece. Fortunately they didn’t seem to sleep. They are seven hours in front of us but answered the emails almost instantly. There was one bug that was not to my satisfaction and finally they admitted it was a design flaw and when pointed out that the free version I played with didn’t have it they sent me a new file. But they did point out that a six month support (came with the purchase) didn’t mean a redesign.

So I hope you like it and if you don’t make a suggestion.

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