October 16, 2021
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Get off your arse Doug Ford and give us a vaccine passport!

Vaccine Passports – what are they? The next stage of freedom that’s what!

For over a Century travellers have had to have three documents: a Passport, a Visa and an immunization form showing vaccinations against common world-wide diseases that will normally kill you and the rest of the population if you expose yourself to them.

Civilised Countries have been conducting immunization campaigns for years now against common diseases such as smallpox, yellow fever, cholera,  and in most countries children are not allowed to enroll in school unless they have been immunized against mumps rubella and measles. Immunization has been a godsend to all. Local Rotary Clubs have even staked their reputations and raised Billions of dollars in a world-wide campaign to eradicate Polio through immunization.

So you would think that immunisation against a scourge that is killing hundreds of thousands of people and is completely safe and an antidote to the scourge would be a no-brainer. Well it is to the people with normal brains!

Unfortunately in the last few years some people have been swallowing misinformation and vomiting back opinions that now threaten us all. I refer to the ‘Covidiots’, the ‘Deplorables’ the ‘Gullibillies’ and just the obstinate. These folks for whatever reasons refuse to participate in the campaign to eradicate the Covid 19 scourge.

Normally I abhor people who will excoriate or insult the other side of the argument, you cannot hope to change minds if the first thing you do is to disparage them. But in this case I will make an exception as I really do think these ‘anti-vaxxers’ are enemies of a Civilised Society. As another Blogger on the “progressive Bloggers” site calls the situation “The Tyranny of the Minority”. I see that many bloggers of the same ilk are decrying the lack of a “Vaccine Passport” and are adding to the weight of opinion to the cry to adopt.

A recent article published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) here  goes into great detail about the issue and how Governments are trying to coordinate  the move to establish one.

However Politicians of all stripes both Conservative and Authoritarian are opposing the idea.

“The term ‘vaccine passports’ pushes every button on the political right — the idea of being forced to take the vaccine, issues of freedom and issues of government overreach,” says Brian Castrucci, president and CEO of the de Beaumont Foundation, an advocacy and research group focused on public health.”

However how do we prove to each other that we are safe and therefore they, the anti-vaxxers, are safe is hard to do without a proper and secure verification device that is universal and recognised as such?

I am sure that those of us who favour such a device are in the majority and in a democracy the common good should prevail if it is backed by the majority – the very essence of democracy.

So What is Doug Ford waiting for, he is an authoritarian who has mishandled every aspect of the public health crisis we have found ourselves in for the past two years, it is an opinion that if there wasn’t an election looming  he would have forced one on us (vaccine passport that is).

So get off your arse Douggie!

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