Tell the Relatives


Relation to UsName Address Contact:
Close familyJudy, Jeff, all the Samis's
Ben's sisterStephanie M Brand    (780)439-7525
Ben's brothers Tim and Andrea Burd 87 Vine Rd, Coxford, Southampton, Hants, UK        (44)07887534991
Anthony Burd 1 Farrs Lane, Andover, Hants UK  S1o2ah  (44)07831525903
Belgians c/o Anne  
Ben's SonsJacob    (44)0741578113
Dan    905-244-3452
Others/friends Mike and Sue Franks message Mike on Facebook "Michael Franks lives in Huddersfield" (44)7976703776
  The Readers (519) 395-4563
  Our Mexican friends

Get on Doreen's facebook page and look for Ollie Chubak, Manfred Maack,

Marlene Horton and others