The records on this computer




This computer is jammed with twenty years of "Stuff"; think about what you want to keep before this computer goes to the blue box or the electronic recycler.

The records are in three basic categories:

  • Writing - the material I have written, for the media, for myself or for Council's consideration. Websites, mine and others
  • Pictures - of the family, some have been scanned from all of the albums and some are from the vacations we have taken.
  • Family records and the Burd Family Tree.

All of this data is contained on the Hard Drive called (WD Book) - the E: drive.

  • The writing is in E:/Personal/DOCS
  • The pictures are in E:/familypics and in the MyCloud/Ben/vacationpics - all/
  • The Family Tree can be accessed by clicking on the "My Heritage" icon on the desktop
  • The Family History material is in E:/familyhistoryall