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09/07/2019 – 13 days to go

The Dukoral kit

The dukoral has been taken – the first dose anyway. This is the kit; the pouch contains a powder to be dissolved and the bottle is the vaccine, shake it all then stir into the water and it tastes like strawberry alka-seltzer. Another dose next Saturday and then we should be fully prepared for the “Delhi-Belly”.


08/23/2019 – 28 days to go

Another hiccup, the elephant ride at the Red Fort has been cancelled because of the crush of adherents and worshipers expected due to the Navratri Festival, at the Shila Mata Temple in the Red Fort. We have been offered an elephant ride at the elephant village instead.


08/13/2019 – 38 days to go

Well the Dukorol is in the fridge. Each dose costs $97, pretty expensive but it is supposed to work for “Delhi Belly”. We hope it does, but we will also carry ‘Immodium’ just in case it doesn’t!

08/02/2019 – 49 days to go  

It looks as though we are going to still have the direct flight back to Toronto from Delhi. The Pakistani airspace problem is ironed out and AC will resume service. Not sure how a fourteen hour flight is going to go down but no choice about it now.


07/12/2019 – 70 days to go

Itinerary Change! Due to the problems of the Boeing 737 max and other problems caused by the flyover of Pakistani airspace the direct flights from YYZ to DEL are suspended. We had our itinerary changed by AC.

A flight and five hour layover in Vancouver, as granted by Air Canada, was unacceptable and after a couple of phone calls to AC we managed to get the flights we wanted – a layover in Munich (2 hours).

The success depends on being persistent, you do not have to take what AC gives you; negotiate for a better flight and times.

18/06/2019 – Visa Process complete

Yep we managed it, the negotiation of the evisa site and now we have visas. Click here to see Ben’s