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My opinions about the topics raised in the local Cobourg Blog – Cobourg News. To see the original Post, from CobourgNews click on the headline in the post below.

Cobourg Transit a sinkhole or a lifesaver?

Cobourg Transit a sinkhole or a lifesaver?

Some people (members of the Cobourg Taxpayers Assn. amongst others) think that transit is a sinkhole that obviously costs too much and should be abandoned. Others think that  it is an essential service and should be kept. But one thing they agree on is that the design needs to be improved and the whole system is failing. Up to a...

Another Zombie arrives from the dead

Another Zombie arrives from the dead

Ah, the Tannery lands and its Master Plan have emerged from the bowels of the bureaucracy to be finally placed on the shelf in a couple of weeks.  Years ago the Town, trying to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, commissioned a Master Plan to transform an old contaminated industrial site into an urban oasis. The Site once...

Can we fix this soon?

Letter from a Downtown Business re Safety Concerns: A real community debate has emerged from this latest post on CobourgNews. The 94 comments, (as at 0945hrs 20th March) reveal a few common threads. The prevailing opinion by looking at the ‘thumbs’ up or down, is that the hardline taxfighters (clean ’em up people) on the Board are in the majority...

Where do we go from here?

A long Debate on Balder CIP: A Community Improvement Plan or CIP is a tool that allows a municipality to direct funds and implement policy initiatives toward a specifically defined project area. Section 28 of the Planning Act gives municipalities that have enabling policies in their official plans, the ability to prepare Community Improvement Plans. Cobourg over the last couple of Council...

An exercise in Irony

“Affordable Housing” is an exercise in irony (Irony , feigned ignorance), in its broadest sense, is the juxtaposition of what on the surface appears to be the case and what is actually the case or to be expected). The reason we say this is because when most people hear the term ‘affordable housing’ they think of ‘rent for reasonable cost’ which  in...

The last word – until next year

A look at the Budget The Municipal Budget sets the tone and direction for the Town. Completed each year this is probably the only time most of the Town pays attention to Council. 2023 will go down as the year of the “big tax hike”. As pointed out here the advertised tax increase is not the total amount of money...

My two cents worth – the latest post

Cobourg’s latest attempt at engaging the public fails!

The latest public engagement process in Cobourg has failed miserably. Despite the best (worst) efforts of the Town of Cobourg – come on down the communications department, this exercise fizzled out last night. A public survey – on engageCobourg, only attracted 125 written responses (.61% of the Town) after attracting approximately 350 clicks on the site. 12 people attended an...

This is a very good start!

This is a very good start!

The local MPP, (I love photo-ops), David Piccini, came to Town on Friday and did the usual Doug Ford thing – he dropped some money  on a problem – Homelessness; that’s good. The Warden of the County gushed, blushed and said “Thank you.” But now the question has to be answered, where is the money going? In a synopsis of...

Ron DeSantis would approve!

In a move unheard of in Cobourg a local activist has been uninvited to a speaking engagement because of of her presumed activity in local “harm reduction” activities. Missy Mclean is a controversial active member of the Community. She is an activist in the “Harm Reduction” campaigns in Cobourg. She has the temerity to state that drugs should be decriminalised...

So what’s wrong with “Town Halls”?

Town Hall Meetings are different things to different people. For instance at the last meeting of Cobourg Council Cllr Bureau thought they would be a wonderful idea, however his fellow Cllr, on the other side of the Chamber – Cllr Barber thought they would be a complete waste of his, and everybody else’s time. The idea of having regular Town...

Some thoughts written ten years ago

Governance is the process of making and enforcing decisions within an organization or society. Wiki reference here. A complicated process consisting of many moving parts. How one gets from an idea or need into legislated form takes time, diligence and care to respect all involved in the process. The Town of Cobourg has initiated a study into the process of...

This woman deserves a medal  not abuse!

This woman deserves a medal not abuse!

There is a woman who lives and works in Cobourg who has put herself out in front of the pack, and she deserves support not abuse. On Monday 24th she did it again. Set herself up for a torrent of vitriol, and it came, on Facebook and on the local newsblog. Not giving an inch in the local debate that...

The Resto reviews from Puerto Vallarta 2022-23

2022-23 resto reviews

The Resto reviews from Puerto Vallarta 2021-2022

The restaurants in PV.




Drag Week

Drag Week

A pal of mine retired and then found it to be boring so he took up ‘drag week’ – much...




Doreen and Ben in Prague 2017


A funeral in Amalfi, Italy. The pallbearers carried the coffin down the steps to the Main Square


The beach at Positano on the Amalfi Coast, Italy


Outdoor cafe in Athens, Greece


Storefront in Athens, Greece


The Stadium built for the first "Modern Olympic Games. Athens Greece


Tomb of the 'Unknown Soldier' in Athens, Greece


A small Church in Athens, Greece


A colourful balcony in Athens, Greece


The No. 1 attraction in Athens, Greece - the Acropolis


A Stately Home on the Bosphorus, Istanbul Turkey


A Customs House/warehouse on the Bosphorus, Istanbul Turkey


Replica "Trojan Horse" at Troy, Turkey


Riverside restaurants on the Bosphorus, Istanbul Turkey


Cafe in Istanbul, Turkey


"Blue" Mosque in Istanbul


"Sulymhan" Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey


A Spice Store in the "Grand Bazaar" in Istanbul Turkey

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