The first sign of the campaign

The sign of a good and well run campaign is usually a plethora of signs. Being first with the signs was always the hallmark of a great campaign manager and the man that ran the past NDP campaigns was a master at it. Murray Weppler knew the best locations and his house list was as long as his arm. Consequently the first day of his campaigns was a sea of orange.

Unfortunately local Councils in their wisdom to control ‘visual pollution’ and create a neutral tone for any campaign have restricted the timing and placing of signs in campaigns. No more large signs on visible public property and definitely no signs on boulevards and streets. But as we see in this pic there will always be ‘rogue’ signs. At a cost of at least $5.00 per sign we cannot imagine why such resources are wasted in this way.

Entering Cobourg from the 401 yesterday evening this sign was the first sign encountered. Pity it is illegal and we shall see how long it lasts in that spot!

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  1. Deborah OConnor
    May 11, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    We took the scenic way home from Crappy Tire down through the west end of town where all the suburbanites live.  Looking for acknowledgement of the upcoming election with a few lawn signs, instead we found mostly bare front yards everywhere.  A cluster of Piccini signs came up followed by one lonely sign for Wheeldon, then another batch for Rinaldi.  Not a one for Papuckoski found anywhere.

    Wondering if that means electors are just disinterested,  or cynical, or too frightened by the possibility of having our very own Trump clone installed in the Pink Palace to even face it.

    We’ll find out the answer on June 7th.


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