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Ben Burd has had an interesting life so far, Born into a three generation military family he went to a Military Boarding school (not a nice experience) joined the Army as a boy soldier and tradesman. Qualified as an armourer and served in Germany, The middle East and Malaya. He left after 7 years and came to Canada. Worked in machine shops, NGO management, Technical Writing, the Towing industry and now works part time as a driver of large rigs. He has always been opinionated and in 1985, after a stint in local Trade Union leadership he was elected to Cobourg Council. He served three terms including one at the County level. He now confines his activism to this blog and the occasional foray into public discussion.

He married Doreen in 1982.

Doreen and Ben have been a couple for over fifty years and the last two decades have been spent travelling. Little trips whilst still working, much longer trips since retiring.

Wintering in Mexico and a Summer trip has been the pattern for the last ten years or so. Our travels are documented in the “where we have been” page.

There is still life in us yet and we will go until we drop!