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Medical Tourism at its best

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Medical Tourism at its best

I fell prey to it – medical tourism that is! Just before I left Canada I had a PSA test for my prostate. It was higher than I thought it should be. Not having enough time to schedule a second opinion in the form of another PSA test I waited until I arrived in PV.

Today was the day to see the specialist. The blood test had been done and now the exam, or so I thought. Arriving at the clinic the receptionist greeted us warmly and asked for details, and then we waited. After about fifteen minutes we were told to go down the hall and see Dr. Robles.  A very different visit from the Canadian experience: no sense of being hurried, a very casual conversation about why I was there and then an ultrasound to examine the bladder and prostate.

Seeing that the prostate was bigger than normal and not knowing the “number” for the “free PSA” he suspected an infection. But told me to phone in a couple of days and see if the test result was in his office. He would look at an decide if I needed a ‘free PSA’ or a biopsy. Meanwhile “take the antibiotics to clear the infection”

Price of a half-hour consult – $48cdn and $8.40cdn for drugs.

Keep tuned, Doreen goes to a Dermatologist on Friday.

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