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More about masks

More about masks

In Mexico masks are asked for. MOST locals are wearing them, as visitors and tourists we must wear them too. It is a sign of respect for the locals, not blind obedience to an authoritarian government!

Why is it that he only unmasked appear to be white and look like tourists? Who are these people and what do they think?

I am sick and tired of accommodating the ‘unvaxxed’. Ban them from public discourse. If they want to participate in Civil Society let them join the rest of us and get a shot!

I say to all the unvaxxed who are clogging up ICUs – I hope you don’t make it. maybe the rest of your family will get the message. And, to all the namby-pamby Politicians, who are pandering to a mythical base of ignorant voters – get over it – implement mask mandates and ban the ‘unvaxxed’ from normal living!

Maybe harsh but I have had enough!

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