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I love Hitler Parodies!

I love Hitler Parodies!

When I can combine a couple of things in one post, I love it. Firstly I have been a great fan of “Hitler Parodies”. These internet memes have been kicking around for a long time and can cover all types of satire and parody.

To quote from a website – Hitler Parody Wiki  – This page has it all. Secondly whenever I can prick the persona of Pierre Poilievre I love to do it. The featured image of this post leads to a Tweet that has Hitler/Poilievre ranting about the truck convoy.

Hey I thought it funny maybe you will too.


Hitler Parodies started as far back as the 1940s with the release of You Nazty Spy! starring the Three Stooges and The Great Dictator starring Charlie Chaplin, which is more of a satire on Nazi Germany. In 1943 Disney released Der Fuehrer’s Face which properly depict the Nazi leaders (and not thinly veiled fictional characters) and their imposing of Nazi ideology and an exaggerated work regime on Donald Duck. The song from the cartoon became a hit back in its days. Because Hitler and Nazi Germany were still around back then they serve as war propaganda.

After the downfall of Nazi Germany a steady stream of productions (mostly from Hollywood) include Hitler in demeaning forms, usually very angst and prone to tantrums. It also usually portray Nazis as the bad guys. An example is Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade. It is worth noting that they are not parodies but works of fiction where in many cases Hitler dies in ways contrary to attested historical accounts.

Films depicting real life events around Hitler during World War II were also produced, based on written accounts but they also fall victim to the stereotyped image of Hitler. Only with Downfall is the cycle broken, in which Hitler is shown to have a compassionate side – to be human as well as his ruthless public image. It also breaks the near-continuous Hollywood dominance on the portrayal of Hitler, as being the first major film of Hitler made natively in Germany.

And with the release of Downfall, without fictional plots in the way (not counting the subplot with Peter Kranz) and the German-English language barrier, a perfect medium for Hitler parodies is born. Now anyone can make fun of Hitler without the need for big budgets and a plot to satisfy a feature-length film requirements.

Downfall parodies

Due to the German language of the movie Downfall, Downfall parodies (sometimes abbreviated as DP) are created by replacing the actual subtitles with false translations depicting Hitler and other the characters speaking in a non-canon, often funny and nonsensical manner.

Most Downfall parodies can be divided into 3 categories, Rants, Plans and Pranks (aka Antics):

  • Plans – These parodies almost always begin with the “Hitler Plans Scene“. The parodies show Hitler planning to do something and reacting to Alfred Jodl’s objections. The parody may end on a loose note or scenes can also be included which show the plan actually being carried out. In a significant proportion of parodies, the plan is revealed to end in failure, with someone conveying the failure message to Hitler, which most often results in a Rant.

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