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What can we do?

The latest outrage from the Ontario Government (OG) is the move to pay Private Clinics to perform procedures that Doug Ford – Premier of Ontario (DoFo) says the local hospitals cannot do and therefore by paying private clinics to do common procedures will reduce waiting lists.

Let’s be clear the one reason there are waiting lists is that the OG will not fund the hospitals to do them. There are empty ERs in nearly all hospitals but no money to staff them.

“People will not pay for healthcare with their credit card but with their OHIP card” DoFo roars from his bully-pulpit. That may be true but we as taxpayers will be paying more money to the clinics to do the same thing hospitals can do. Some have estimated up to 30% more – all to the profitable Private Clinics.

We have seen this before – starve the public utility, people leave it, service suffers. the public is convinced that the going private would get better service and then a sell off to friends by the Government and we pay more. Classic examples being Hwy 407 and Ontario Hydro.

But back to the Question – what can we do?

For starters don’t accept the BS being pushed by DoFo and his photogenic puppet local MPP David Piccini. This move will cost us money. Read this to see what has happened with Cataract Surgeries in private clinics. Demand value for money do not allow the Government to get away with this. Join protests, sign letters email the local MPP – use his webpage contact page here or his email david.piccinico@pc.ola.org

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