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First look at the 2023 Budget

First look at the 2023 Budget, posted two days ago this post has garnered 51 comments from the usual commenters. Other posts about the same subject – the 2023 Budget have elicited another 57 comments, but most comments in one of them quickly moved off the topic of taxes and went into a lengthy discussion...


Taxpayer Input to 2023 budget

Taxpayer Input to 2023 budget This post has attracted, as expected; because it causes the commenters to think about a serious issue, and most of the comments are the usual whines about the lack of meaningful public input and where the money might be spent uselessly, few comments so far.   The point of this...


Right of Passage along Shoreline

Right of Passage along Shoreline. This  is another contentious subject between the ‘Property Rights” people and those who would like to walk the shoreline. Not a new topic and one pursued by many over the years. Basically the ‘shorewalkers’ would like the right to walk on the shoreline within a ten foot strip from the...


More Transit Discussion at Council

More Transit Discussion at Council: Transit is one of the more contentious  items in the Municipal discussion encyclopedia. Those who need it want it, those who get annoyed that few appear to ride it want to abolish it and of course the taxpayers sitting in their swanky piles resent having to pay for it! Given...


Police Transparency and Budget

Police Transparency and Budget, A pretty fair discussion of the reports the CPS is presenting to Cobourg Council this week. As usual any mention of the Police, in whatever context draws two types of comments: some by the ‘hang-em-high’ crowd and the usual whines from the Taxfighters. The topic of using a local Police Service...