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Went to a resto last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Home opinion Went to a resto last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Went to a resto last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to a restaurant, which I will not name so as to not cast aspersions, and although everybody else was satisfied I was not.

  • first of all the wine was  overpriced – the least expensive (pinot grigio) was 175 pesos for six ounces.
  • separate cheques were asked for and the final bill didn’t reflect that
  • My food never arrived and when questioned the confused waiter told me that he thought I was sharing my friend’s food – we ordered identical dishes
  • when it did turn up (at the end of the other parties meal) – ribs, they were cold and meatless. The waiter asked if I liked them when he cleared the plates, I told him, “No meat on them and they were cold” he just shrugged
  • finally the waiter could not split the bill and appeared to be completely clueless
  • we left leaving no tips

So leaving the place we went over the cheap joint for beers and commiserations. A totally dissatisfying and expensive experience. What got me was there were no discussions about the experience from the owners/managers – nobody could care less. Not going there again.

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